Region 6 Regional Response Team Fact Sheets / Documents

Region 6 RRT Developed Documents

Region 6 Hurricane & Flood Preparedness for ASTs
Region 6 Guidance on Use of Chemical Countermeasures
Region 6 Guidance for Response on Tribal Lands
Region 6 Poison Control Center / RRT Guidance

National Response Team Developed Documents

CNCS-EPA-USCG MOU for use of Volunteers during Oil Spills
Use of Volunteers Guidelines for Oil Spills
RRT Job Aids / Standard Operating Procedures
National Response System Overview
Reconciling Federal Emergency Response Plans
NRT Managing Worker Fatigue
NRT Joint Information Model Plan
Guidance for Developing Site Safety Plan for ISB
Igniters and Ignition Tech for InSitu Burning
Coordinating Contingency Planning
Aeration Techniques for InSitu Burning
Efficacy of Fire Resistant Containment Booms
Federal Natural Resource Trustees and ICS-UC
Emulsion Breakers and Inhibitors For Treating Oil Spills
Site Safety Plans for InSitu Burning Operations
RCRA Applicability to In-Situ Burns
NOAA Selection Guide for Oil Spill Applied Technologies
Questions & Answers on In-Situ Burning During Public Meetings
Risk Communication for Marine In-Situ Burning at Public Meetings
Bioremediation in Oil Spills
Residues from In-Situ Burning

General RRT Documents

General Spill Response Considerations
USCG FOSC Guide to Environmental Response
Incident Command System for Oil Spill Response
Oiled Bird Rehabilitation
Group V Oils and the Environment
Marine Oil Spill Prevention
National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program
What is the National Contingency Plan Product Schedule
Oil Spill Prevention, Control, & Countermeasure Regulations
Special Forces for Response Activities
Tar Balls in the Environment
Oil Spill Removal Organization Classification Program
Use of Sorbents & Solidifiers in Oil Spill Responses
Roles & Responsibilities of the RRT
Oil Spills And Pollution From Recreational Vessels

Vessels Groundings in the Marine Environment
Pollution Notification Requirements
Mechanical Recovery of Spilled Oil
Who Decides what Products Can Be Used During an Oil Response
Shoreline Cleanup Methods
Oil Spill Response - Plans
Oil Spill Response - Roles
Oil Spills and Seafood Tainting

What Is an Oil
What Are the Effects of Oil on Marine Mammals
What Are the Effects of Oil on Salt Grasses
What Are the Effects of Oil on Wildlife
What Are the Effects of Oil on Shellfish
Oil Spill Prevention, Planning, and Response
Electronic Contingency Planning
National Pollution Funds Center
Dispersants in Oil Spill Response

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